Portunica Dev Build Incoming!!!

Portunica is the fledgling project of my brother David and me. It is a turn-based strategy game, ultimately intended for Android and iOS. You can play our current dev version in the browser here.

If you're familiar with the project, you might know that David made a lot of progress about a year ago and then sort of quit when the teammates he was working with ran out of steam. However, as you might know, we have begun a redesign of Portunica from the ground up. We're changing rules, objectives, art, and basically everything else. Here's a screenshot! (Keep in mind that most of the art -- everything but the cave-drawing-style guys -- is just placeholder stuff)

We've been working on the game a decent amount and have most of the core game logic done. Here's another screenshot, this time from the new-game generation page:

Anyways, I've uploaded a WebGL version of our current dev build! Feel free to take a look and test everything out. It's very much a work in progress, so keep in mind there'll be a lot of bugs -- but please let us know in the comments below what you think! Bug reports, feature suggestions, color scheme thoughts, it's all welcome. 


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I played through a random game and it was actually pretty fun! Sort of guessing as I went but it was decently straightforward (maybe because I've heard you guys talk about it). The cave drawings fit with the primitive theme. You should put some game screenshots or concept art on the game menu!

agreed, the game menus are pretty lacking right now as far as artwork goes. We’re definitely going to work to make the menus less drab ... anything would be better than 3 tones of grey, right?